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Dear Peter,


... When I contacted you, I did not have a clear understanding of who you were or what you had experienced on a spiritual level.  I saw that you did counseling and you showed up on my screen when I was in deep emotional pain.  I was blessed with your agreement to connect with me.  While we were talking that day, I heard and felt a super kindness in your voice.  It went beyond the words that were spoken.  I then looked further into what you were about and found that you had written a book.  It just so happened that I had a credit coming to me from Amazon, due to a previous mistake.  The amount of credit due was the exact amount of the cost of your book!  So I gladly ordered it, recognizing divine timing.


I read the book in one day as it was so captivating.  Although I have had ADD struggles and haven't been able to complete the reading of a book for a long time, I was able to concentrate on your story with laser focus.  I'm happy to say that your sacred experience has shifted me into a highly improved state of consciousness.  It was clear to me that what you were describing was "real" and I felt as if I was allowed to tiptoe into the realms of the God Worlds with you.  While I was there, I must say that "Heaven is Beautiful" took me "Home" too.  At least it seemed that way.  Interestingly, I found myself in a state of "homesick" at first, and then another feeling came over me.  It was a feeling of "lovesick" which was more intense than a "homesick" feeling.  This is something that I feel I could share with only you who could understand  I feel you know exactly what I mean by "lovesick".  It seems to have a sweet and deeper yearning than the feeling of "homesick".  I suppose Soul's hunger for God doesn't really get satisfied while one lives in the human state of consciousness.  This feeling of being "in this world but not of it" has been with me often, even in childhood.  I have responsibilities here in my human journey, so I am attempting the process of integrating my divine nature with my human nature.


Since reading your book, I have learned that my capacity for a deeper relationship with God is more possible and I'm finding myself in the depths of this growth potential at this time.  I might call this a spiritual renewal and I am ever so grateful for it.  I felt compelled to let you know of my sincere gratitude. 


Thank you for having the amazing courage to return to this physical plane not only to be present for your parents but to bring divine awareness to countless others.  Thank you for your willingness to bring your beautiful and insightful messages to the world at large and certainly to my world.


Thank you again for your kindness when we spoke in early May, which led me to your profound experience.


Sometimes I can feel the energy of your encounter with God, by simply holding your book.  Divine Love pours out of it and opens my heart!


Sending you much love, peace, and gratitude,

P. B.    6/5/21



Hello Peter, my work there is a procedure for one part that is called "reconciling evidence". 


As crazy as it sounds, I absolutely could not remember the word "reconcile".  I would attempt to write it down on a sticky note and stick it to my computer screen but it always got lost. (I have been working this job for over 12 years now).


Had an Aha! moment about the mental block... RELIGION!


Again, the theology of the church I attended was really quite liberal, but despite that, I "heard" and "understood" things that got in the way of a Connection.  For example, the adage that one should reconcile oneself to God.  


Because, you know, God is right and I am wrong. 


Your resetting of the Beatitudes was still so explosive (as in clearing away bad structures) that I haven't made intellectual sense of the whole thing yet.  (Pretty crazy when Intellectualization and Analysis has been my go-to for DECADES - maybe even a HALF CENTURY). Still sitting in the place of awe and warm acceptance and wonder.


My morphing is still a work in progress but you are truly getting rid of the "Bad God" that I could NEVER reconcile myself to.  Peter, YOU are doing the work of reconciling. 


Oh, and I no longer have a bizarre mental block to an important word we use at work.  So, there's that too! 


Peace & Love 




YouTube Comment

"That was probably the most beautiful thing I've ever heard! Its so weird but I felt like something lit up inside me right before your light came on. I wonder if this sermon could be put in writing? Something I would enjoy reading over and over. I'm one of those folks who gets more from reading than listening. Really a devine message. Thank you so much for your wonderful experience that you share. Got so much from this."



Dear Peter,


I"... Your reflection on The Beatitudes was so revealing and inspirational; nothing like any teaching  I had experienced before. So heavenly. Registered so deeply with me.  Thank you again.The Light was surely present you, even before the  light came on!


Thank you and Thank God


J. K.