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YouTube 2022/02

I have been studying the MYSTIC PATH since I was 20-years old. I am 72-years old now. No book I have ever read has touched me as DEEPLY as HEAVEN IS BEAUTIFUL. I know that NO HUMAN WRITER can possibly explain or describe what is most certainly UNEXPLAINABLE & INDESCRIBABLE. However, this Book somehow is able to TOUCH a tiny Molecule of. Something in SOUL (as we know it in the human framework) that has to remain A SOMETHING. Because it is NO THING. Thank You Peter Panagore. I have read quite a few books about THE SPIRITUAL PATH. Your book is a Masterpiece. William Rumsey

YouTube 2022/02

I suffer a bit of mental health, I am not the first and won't be the last, but one of the ways that I have been able to relax and to know that I am relaxed is that I am able to concentrate enough to read a book and to take it all in, when I am stressed this is hard because I can't focus, Then One day like a fish I was hooked on one of the titles to a talk about one of Peter Panagores NDE's and after listening with as much interest as I could find, I realized that I was starting to relax and feel better listening to his personal experience I found that I have been able to fix some of my depressive feelings by listening to a few of Peters talks and then after that I have enough of a relaxed state to read some of my books that have been waiting for my reading attention.🙂

Email 2022/02

"Wow! Had a dream before last Sunday where there was a monk floating/bouncing around in a river, the scene changed and he was bouncing around in a river in a backyard. The water was a milky white and went kind of in a circle. There was a communication at the end of the dream, shaktipat. Woke up and googled it, I know I’ve heard it before. The interesting part was how when I joined MTS ken was talking about spinal fluid. Think I’ll mention it to my doc, as it’s been in throbbing pain 1 month after delivery.Seems there is always something in my way. Much love, ✌️❤️..."


"That was probably the most beautiful thing I've ever heard! Its so weird but I felt like something lit up inside me right before your light came on. I wonder if this sermon could be put in writing? Something I would enjoy reading over and over. I'm one of those folks who gets more from reading than listening. Really a devine message. Thank you so much for your wonderful experience that you share. Got so much from this."


Dear Peter,


"... Your reflection on The Beatitudes was so revealing and inspirational; nothing like any teaching  I had experienced before. So heavenly. Registered so deeply with me.  Thank you again.The Light was surely present you, even before the  light came on!


Thank you and Thank God


J. K.