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The Death of Socrates

Near Death Experiences (NDEs)

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Important Research Articles (According to IANDS)

Six Major Challenges Faced By Near-Death Experiencers

Lancet Study on NDEs

Comments about the Dutch Study From a Family Doctor Who is also a Near-Death Experiencer

Dutch NDE Study Attracts Worldwide Attention

Dr. Pim van Lommel, M.D.: Continuity of Consciousness

Dr. Peter Fenwick, M.D.: Science and Spirituality

REM Intrusion and NDEs

Out-of-Body Experiences: All in the Brain?

Penny Sartori, PhD: Prospective Study

Greyson NDE Scale

NDERF and Other Notable NDE Research (According to the Near Death Experience Research Foundation)

Out-of-Body Experience: Review & a Case Study by Julia Sellers
Near-Death Experiences and Psychotherapy by Linda J. Griffith, MD
Near-death experiences and the temporal lobe. by Britton WB, Bootzin RR
Varieties of near-death experience. by Bruce Greyson
The divided self: near death experiences of resuscitated patients--a review of literature. by Cant R
Incidence and correlates of near-death experiences in a cardiac care unit. by Bruce Greyson
Infrequent near death experiences in severe brain injury survivors  by Qin Huang
Near-Death-Like Experiences without Life-Threatening Conditions or Brain Disorders: A Hypothesis from a Case Report by Enrico Facco
Physician Views and Response to Patients' Near-Death Experience (NDE) Dr. Jeff, M.D., Judith Boss, Ph.D.
A Review of The Lancet Article by Jody
A Review of Swiss OBE Study by Jody A. Long
In order to understand NDEs
Sam Parnia's new AWARE Study
What is the meaning of the NDE and is it for the experiencer or for us all?
First International Medical Conference on the NDE
Five year prospective Welsh study
Dreams, Near-Death Experiences, and Reality by Jody
An In-Depth Study of Drowning Near-Death Experiencers by Jody
A Reply to Shermer, Medical Evidence for NDEs, by Dr. Pim van Lommel
Scientists Claim that Quantum Theory Proves Consciousness Moves to Another Universe at Death
Attitudes Toward Near-Death Experiences, by Benjamin M. Linzmeier
Increased photon emission from the head while imagining light in the dark is correlated with changes in electroencephalographic power...
THE (NEAR-) DEATH DECODED by Drs. Maureen Venselaar
Noor Foundation discussion
Incidence and Causes of the Near-Death Experience and Life Review Among the Elderly and Non-Elderly, by Benjamin M. Linzmeier
Dreams and Neuroholography: An Interdisciplinary Interpretation of Development of Homeotherm State in Evolution, by Istv'n B'kkon
Near-Death Experiences of Children by Jeffrey Long MD.
How Many NDEs Occur in the United States Every Day?
Dr. near-death: Greyson's heart-stopping study,
Near Death Experience, Religion and Spirituality, by Jody
Healing and Paranormal Gifts: Survey Results Between NDErs and non-NDErs, by Jody
The Fourth Dimension and NDEs, by Jody
Review of New Swiss Study on OBEs, by Jody
A Note on Science and NDE,
A Comparison of NDEs Occurring Before and After 1975 Results from a Web Survey of Near Death Experiencers. by Dr. Jeff
Giovanni's Research
Prospective study of NDE from Denmark 


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