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I offer live YouTube and Zoom-based programs. The purpose is to promote, encourage, inspire, and teach people about spiritual matters related to NDEs, mysticism, meditation, religious stories, and more to nurture deeper connections to God (Love), thereby transforming oneself for the betterment of oneself, others, and the world. 


Not Church, no doctrine. no dogma, just mysticism, streams live weekly at 10:00 am ET on my YouTube channel and website's YouTube Feed. Receive notifications by subscribing to my email. Learn more. God is LOVE.

Not Church is a lens of near-death experience, mysticism, Christianity (mostly), Biblical (mostly) deconstruction, and public contemplation. Metaphor. Myth. Symbol. Journey. Ancient. Global. Always Now. Presence. Infinite Light. Jesus code-switching. Christ Consciousness. Trans-Religious Ancient Mystical Writings. Practice. Negative Theology. Storytelling. You are a beloved child of Love.

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Centering Prayer Plus meditation is a centering prayer and chakra practice group that meets live via my YouTube channel. We explore the writings of mystics, learn more about mediation, and practice together. Where two or three are gathered, I Am there, said, Jesus. See these videos live on this website's YouTube Channel Feed. Learn the basics of centering prayer/inner silence meditation here. The group meets on different days/times during the week. Learn more

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Mystic Tea Salon is an interactive group that gathers after No Church Sunday on Zoom to discuss mysticism using group wisdom. We all have light and learning inside us to share. Come listen and maybe even speak. Learn more

“Our life is all grounded and rooted in love, and without love we may not live.” ~ Julian of Norwich, Christian Mystic

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