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PLEASE Note Afternoon on SUNDAY JUNE 21, 2020 Peter will be unavailable until MONDAY, June 22, 2020.

"It's good to talk with someone who understands."
~J. of Nova Scotia

"A spiritual director a balance of spirit and intellect is transformative."

~ A. H of Canada

"I spoke to Peter Panagore recently. If anyone is thinking about booking a session with him, I can honestly say that his insight into a couple of my experiences, which I have been trying to integrate and act on for many years, was invaluable."

~ P. K. of Australia

Tell me your spiritual, or mystical story and I will help you reflect and offer insight. Has God touched you, or dozens of times, and left you wondering what it means? Specializing in Mystical Experiences of all sorts, including Near-Death Experience, Out of Body, Spiritually Transformative, Seekers, the Lost, The Confused, the Questioning, the Fearful, and the Advanced. I also counsel and advise the abused and the grieving.  Are you rethinking your Christian Fundamentalist beliefs? Do you feel and think there is more to faith than your literalist pastor taught? I can help.

Peter Lives in the Eastern Time Zone USA

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  • Counseling, Spiritual Direction, Mentoring, Listening, Reflection

    30 min


  • Counseling, Spiritual Direction, Mentoring, Listening, Reflection

    1 hr


  • Counseling, Spiritual Direction, Mentoring, Listening, Reflection

    1 hr 30 min


Weekly Group Session
Sunday Mystic Tea with Peter P.

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Mystic Tea with Peter Panagore, MDiv: A Private Group Exploring Your Mystical Experiences

Mystic Tea is a safe place to speak about your personal mystical experiences. Many people have them. Tell your story here. Find validation. Talk, learn, grow, question, discuss, and understand.


What’s said in the room stays in the room.
Civility civilizes a community.
Love is the lens.
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