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Dear Friends and Visitors,

Peace be with you, and thank you for stopping by. I've created this site as a sanctuary of valuable information for the general public, media, and all spiritual seekers. After a dynamic career in various roles, I ventured out independently because of my two near-death encounters. My mission is to promote Peace, Love, Knowledge, Understanding, and Joy through three main programs: Not Church Live on Sundays, followed by Mystic Tea Salon on Zoom, and Centering Prayer/Kriya Meditation Practice on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.


The Oneness is within you. I aim to help you find what you seek so you no longer need someone like me. My mission is education, meditation, and conversations in the public square about Near Death and other Mystical Experiences to normalize our common yet hidden inner lives.


Allow me to introduce myself and share what I can do for you. Thank you.

If you desire or need assistance or a spiritual conversation with me, consider booking a private session. I'm available by appointment and help clients worldwide integrate and understand Near-Death Experiences, Spiritually Transformative Experiences, Mystical Experiences, Out of Body events, after-life communication (visitation of the deceased), grief, mourning, loss, suicide, and matters of death and dying. Perhaps you've intuited this Universal Power or experienced spiritual events you can't share with anyone. If so, I'm here for you. What do others say about my guidance?

After forty years of practice, I began teaching what I learned about energy mastery and selflessness. I want to introduce you so that you may discover the Guru within yourself.

Drawing from my forty years of centering prayer/meditation and chakra/kriya yoga practices, I offer shaktipat and teach you how to find it during Tuesday practice sessions. Noetic heart understanding is crucial, but head knowledge is essential, too. On Sundays at Not Church, we search for The Light hidden in the Bible by studying the Gospel of Thomas and finding similarities in ancient mystical literature from East and West, in which I am well-versed.

I was a mystic disguised as a liberal church preacher, then a TV star storyteller. My goal is not to persuade you but to encourage you to open your heart and look within, as Jesus, Yogananda, Lao Tzu, Rumi, Meister Eckhart, and Patanjali have taught. They called it The Way, Singleness, Oneness, The Light, The Beloved, and the Ineffable. It is experiential. I want to help you experience It and understand what It is and who you are by finding and feeling Inner Energy, which brings Inner Peace.

I am flawed but Divine, just as we all are.

Furthermore, my book Heaven Is Beautiful has been optioned for a film. I'm working diligently with my producers and editors. Please reach out if you'd like to book me for your podcast or show.

All my YouTube and Zoom programs are freely accessible to everyone, made possible by the generous support of those who choose to help our community of mystics in their mission to bring Light, Love, and Heaven Within Now. Always Now. Your kindness sustains my work. A heartfelt thank you to the friends who've offered their support, big or small, over the years! You know who you are.

Humanity is experiencing a spiritual awakening, primarily propelled by medical science, which has resuscitated people worldwide for half a century. Tens of millions of NDErs reside in the USA alone, with 70% preferring the metaphors of Love and Light (Bigelow Foundation for Consciousness Studies).

Welcome, friend. I invite you to explore, get in touch, and subscribe to my newsletters and YouTube channel for live and pre-recorded Not Church and Centering Prayer episodes.

Love, Light, Peace,

Peter Panagore, MDiv.

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Watch Panagore Sundays Live on Sunday Mornings at 10:30 a.m. Eastern Time.
Streaming live on my YouTube Channel and later on right here.

Peter Panagore

Peter Panagore

Peter Panagore
Love, Hate and Jesus

Love, Hate and Jesus

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God breaks the heart again and again and again until it stays open.

God breaks the heart again and again and again until it stays open.

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The Haunting Aftermath Of Near-death Experiences | Ghost Stories

The Haunting Aftermath Of Near-death Experiences | Ghost Stories

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NDE After Effect: Imagination or Memory? #neardeathexperience #aftereffects #nde #shorts

NDE After Effect: Imagination or Memory? #neardeathexperience #aftereffects #nde #shorts

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Life to Afterlife 

For a day in early October, a producer will be in my home to film an episode of Life to Afterdeath currently on Amazon Prime.

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Film Rights

'Heaven Is Beautiful' is optioned as a feature film. Read article.


Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics

P. Panagore. My Deaths Direct My Life: Living with Near-Death ExperienceNarrative Inquiry in Bioethics Journal. Volume 10, Number 1, Spring 2020. Johns Hopkins University Press.  pp. E3-E6

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Two Minutes for God 2
Heaven is Beautiful 2

We are Love, from Love, and to Love, we will return.~ Peter Panagore

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