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NOT Church is a little reading and a little riffing. It a post-church, post-denominational, post-Christian, Sunday morning live-stream look the Bible as seen through the eyes of Rev. Peter Panagore.


It streams live on Sundays at 9:30 AM ET on my Facebook author page and on my YouTube Channel. Please like or subscribe. Thanks.

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On Compassion

"The NOT a Church concept is so creative, innovative and deeply validating for those involved in NDE support and the NDE narrative of unconditional love and loving acceptance of all.. In the Western states, we can't watch NOT a Church live most of the time, due to the early schedule - - but we can watch a recording! Please add these to your YOUTUBE channel so we can share with groups, friends, and loved ones. Thank you again, Peter!" ~ Jacqueline of Colorado, July 2020


(Jacqueline watches on Facebook and I just told her that she CAN find NOT Church on my YouTube Channel. ~ Peter )