Words People Write After Seeing Peter

Live and in Person

"As a speaker, Peter Panagore is beyond gifted: He is inspired – by the Spirit with which he connected in his near-death experience decades ago and to which he remains connected to this day. His story is compelling not only in its details but also in its implications for every person and for humanity at large. Those who hear him speak are sure to feel touched and to come away with an abundance of food for thought and reflection."


~ Professor Janice Holden, University of Texas and leading Near Death Experience researcher, 2019

"Great speaker! Peter is an ordained minister with the United Church of Christ and speaks intimately of his (2) near death experiences with passion and humility. His message: God is love and love is everything. We have a simple choice, choose love or choose fear. Powerful!"    

~ Albert L., IANDS of Santa Barbara, California, Oct. 2016


"Peter Panagore is as real as it gets for a NDE'er. Everything Peter shared distilled down to LOVE & COMPASSION and he would not stray from that message. Excellent meeting."                ~ Bill L., IANDS of Santa Barbara, California, Oct. 2016

"Detailed, exciting, and riveting."

~ Margie B., IANDS of Santa Barbara, California, Oct. 2016

"I went to your web site and listen to all the Videos and Recordings.  So, I really know your story well since I have heard it many times.  There are many people who have an nde experience, but you are very unique !


"The great thing about you is that you have many other stories to tell as well !  Which is good because so can go back to the same people who really like you and tell them new stories. 


"The concepts of Warp Drive, there is no Time; everything is happening now, Consciousness is not in the Body, etc. are topics that you could lecture on in depth and enlighten your followers through out the country through webcasts (if you chose to do that).  You could keep building your mailing list, then let everybody know what you are going to lecture on and ... help thousands of people with each lecture..."

~ Ken B., IANDS OC, October 2016

"Reading Peter Panagore's book about his Near Death experience was one thing. Meeting him in person and hearing him speak unabashedly for two hours was another thing entirely. His presence and passion for the divine completely blew me away, inspiring me to look more closely at my finite life. Yowza..."

                                                            ~ Grette B., The Death Cafe in Johnson, Vermont, September 2016