Book Club Questions

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1. Do you know anyone who has had a Near Death Experience (NDE)? What did you think of the teller and their story when you first heard it?


2. Why did you read Heaven Is Beautiful? What did you hope to learn? Did you learn something that you did not know before? What was that? Did you have a life changing revelation from reading this book?


3. What did you think Heaven was like before you read this book? What you think Heaven is like now?


4. How does the author’s message that he received during his NDE, that God is love, that God forgives, and all will be well (in death) make you feel? Do you believe this to be true? Does this book ease your fears and give you hope? How and why?


5. In death, the author passed through a hell of his own making. Do you believe in hell? Does hell frighten you? Was the hell he passed through eternal or simply cleansing? Do you believe in judgment and what is it?


6. A message of the author is “fear not”. Are you afraid of death and why? How has reading this book impacted your fear? Should we discuss death more openly?


7. The author claims that he no longer believes in God but that he knows God knows him and that God is Real and the only Real there is. What do you think the difference is between knowing God and believing in God? Do you think the author has painted a believable picture of the reality of God?


8. Has reading this book made you think about your religion or spirituality in a new or different way? How so? Through a spiritual practice, can we touch Heaven from here? How do we do this? Can we do this?


9. How do you respond when you hear the author’s claim that each human being is particularly beloved by God? Do you feel loved by God? When do you feel God’s love and when do you not? Have you ever felt touched by God? How and when? In what ways did it change your life?


10. What did you think of the author’s writing style? Does his style make the book more or less readable? Is there a paragraph that stands out in your mind that exemplifies his special use of language? What major emotions did Heaven Is Beautiful invoke in you as a reader? What was most surprising about Heaven Is Beautiful?


11. Would you recommend Heaven Is Beautiful to someone else? To whom, when and why? If you had to sum up this book in a single word what would it be?


12. If this book was made into a movie who would you pick to play the author?